Finding the right SEO Experts in Hartford is important if you want to not only rank your website but dominate the competition with all your web properties on the first page of the major search engines.

If you have a business in Hartford, CT and would like to dominate the entire first page of the search results in order to drive more traffic, then we are your number one SEO source.

My name is Rob Ramos and I am the CEO of, the top online presence and brand builder according to the Google search engines. Are you aware that websites that are positioned outside of the top ten query results do not get a percentage of traffic and therefore losing out on a massive chunk of visitors and potential clients?

This is a FACT! Being outside of page 1, you have very little chance grow your business and make it a success. Your web traffic will be minimal and therefore your brand will not grow. Most businesses usually build a website and spend a large amount of their budget on fancy design and effects but neglect the most important part of having a website and that is traffic.

Having top spot in Google, Bing and Yahoo will allow your target market to easily find you and will most likely become a prospective client while searching for the information that you provide.

One of the greatest advantages of dominating the first page of search results is that it will cut your advertising costs down especially if you have a Pay Per Click campaign running. Traffic through search is organic and free (well free to the extent that you are not paying per click).

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Our Hartford SEO Services Include:

  • Full website audit to determine whether your website is search engine friendly and has not had previous work done.
  • Optimize all on page elements to make your website search engine friendly and to prepare for off page work.
  • Articles
  • Press Release
  • Web 2.0 Properties
  • Social Media Properties
  • Video creation and optimization.
  • Off page tasks to improve organic rankings and potentially increase traffic.

All services are paid for monthly and there is no contract. We do ask for a setup fee of $497.00 and a recurring monthly fee will be determined on the type of SEO service that you require and that best suites your business’s niche and market.

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Terms of Services

Ranking results do vary from business to business in Hartford, Connecticut and cannot and will not guarantee page 1 rankings within a set amount of time. We do know that you will reach page 1 and dominate but this is not immediate and can fluctuate.

There is no contract and service can be stopped at anytime provided that you notify us one month in advance.