project supremacy - the ultimate seo plugin for wordpressProject Supremacy is the latest WordPress plugin to hit the market and we review how this plugin works and why it is causing such an uproar among other well know SEO plugins.

Have you heard about If you are a search engine specialist then I am sure you have and I am sure that if you have tried understand how it works and how to implement to your current websites, know that is not that straight forward and can be quite the pain in the ass.

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Last year, Herc Magnus, the owner and creator, released a plugin called Project Supremacy. This plugin has the ability to create projects according to your target keywords. Within these projects you can import all the data for the keywords that you would like to target and can see whether these keywords are easy or not to consider.

Once you are satisfied with your keywords, the plugin allows you to create pages or posts with these keywords in place. i.e H1 titles, meta descriptions and the body of the article.

Fast forward to today and Herc Magnus has teamed up with legendary SEO and software maestro Todd Spears to take this SEO plugin up and beyond another level. One of the key features of Version 2 is that they have integrated Schema into the plugin. Yes that is right! You do not need to an astrophysicist to integrate Schema to your site now. Project Supremacy Version 2 will do it for you.

project supremacy v2 review

About Project Supremacy

Project Supremacy uses the most advanced on-page SEO techniques to AUTOMATICALLY cause your website to skyrocket in Google, because the fact of the matter is – you website could have 48329043849023 backlinks, It could even have 4829 PBN links.

But if you’re ON-PAGE doesn’t have THIS – if it doesn’t have Project Supremacy… then all those links are virtually worthless.

Project Supremacy will automatically do all of the high level on page schematics, in JSON-LD, in such a way that Google will fall in love with your site.

Its proven hundreds of times over, as you’ve seen and because this is what Google WANTS websites to be doing the idea of “slaps” will not even exist for you. So to all those who think SEO is dead… we’re laughing hard… After all, wouldn’t that mean Google is dead??? Yeah. We all know that’s not the case.

Project Supremacy will take the rawest of newcomers, affiliate marketers, local marketers, and whoever else uses it, and will make them more successful at what they do. Period. Think about those plugins that you always install onto every new WordPress site you create. This will be one of them.

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