Keyword SupremacyMost of us who do keyword research have probably ran into the same situation over and over again. That is after spending a whole lot of time trying to find keywords to either build your site around or to post relevant articles in order to rank.

We search for keywords trying to find that gem with good search volume and low competition. Once we think we have found something good, we go ahead and put all our efforts into our campaigns only to find that all that effort was in vain and end not making any headway in the search engine results.

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This is about to change as the future of keyword research is finally here!

Introducing Keyword Supremacy by Todd Spears and Herc Magnus. I am sure most of you reading this are thinking “oh no, not another keyword tool”. Well yes and no. This keyword tool is like no other and this review of Keyword Supremacy will give you a breakdown of why this will change your search marketing campaigns.

How would you like to create local, affiliate and eCom campaigns with metrics and data that will help you stop wasting your time and energy trying to figure out which keywords to target? Would you like to input a niche or target keyword that returns suggestions other than the obvious with global and local search volume, cost per click and competitive value? This is where this incredible keyword research tool will change the way you will do your marketing research.

As a member of Todd and Herc’s Project Supremacy, I was able to get early access to Keyword Supremacy before it goes live to the public on October 13th. This was a special invite to their existing clients. This is not a review copy that I got. I personally purchased it myself and use it.

How it works

First off, there are various packages that you can buy. It is a once off payment to get access to the software with credits that you get depending on the price of package that you paid for. You can then purchase more credits down the way. I highly recommend getting the biggest package as the price per credit is much better than the starter package.

Once you are logged in and on the keyword search dashboard, you have 7 search options to choose from. Local, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. Local allows you to search for keywords based on State and City and will return suggested keyword phrases.  This is excellent for any clients that you have and want to expand on their existing keywords.

keyword supremacy search dashboard

You can place % before or after the keyword which will return suggestions of keyword phrases. This is based on Googles keyword suggestion when you start typing a word, it creates suggestions for you.

For this example I am going to use “get rid of cellulite”. It will return results from A-Z as well as 1-9.

keyword supremacy search results

This screenshot is a small sample size but you can see the first group and the following groups are group by letter. So get rid of cellulite a… (get rid of cellulite at home) and get rid of cellulite b… (get rid of cellulite by losing weight) and so forth. The first step as return all the possible search results with out any metrics. There is no charge for this part. If you want to get metrics for the keywords, you will need to use your credits.

For my package, it will cost me 1 whole credit to return all data. If I just want 1 group, it will cost me half a credit. Much more cost effective to get the whole group.

I have selected get all metrics and will wait a few minutes for all the data to be returned. Once the keywords have been analyzed all the data will be available to you.

keyword supremacy search results with metrics

Just based on this search, I can create a very good campaign for “how to get rid of cellulite” as the main keyword and the rest as secondary LSI keywords. The competition looks really easy to outrank with quality backlinks.

The “plus” icon allows me to save the keywords that I like. The globe icon will check domain availability if you want to build a site around a specific keyword. The graph icon allows you to view the current top 10 sites on Google for that keyword phrase with their metrics. This will give you a good indication of what you will need to do to outrank these websites. To see competition, it will cost you 0.01 of a credit. Ridiculously cheap!

Keyword Supremacy Features:

  • Local Keyword Research
  • Affiliate Keyword Research
  • Niche Drill Downs
  • Competition Metrics
  • 6 Keyword Engines
  • NO Monthly Recurring Billing

Keyword Supremacy is an excellent long tail keyword research tool that yields great metrics that you can finally build a profitable campaign for yourself or for your clients. This is one of the best keyword tools that I have come across and have used it to great effect. Do not hesitate and get on board as soon as it launches on October 13th. I hope that my Keyword Supremacy Review was helpful and informative.

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