How To Create Pro Videos Without The High Costs

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I want to ask you how are you making your videos now?

Are you making a plain old slideshow? Are you outsourcing and noticing your costs are really adding up?

Are you still learning that complicated software from the company that starts with an A? Are you not making videos because it’s too expensive and time consuming?

Chances are you answered YES to at least one of these questions.

Have you ever wondered how to create those professional animated sales videos all the TOP MARKETERS are using?

You know the ones making a killing with their video sales Letters and the top products on ClickBank… They all have Killer videos!

Software and design expert Peter Roszak has just released an incredible new software that makes them in minutes! For most of us it takes a lot of time and lots of money to create a professional sales or promotional video. It can also cost hundreds of dollars in software and production costs. But not anymore!

It doesn’t just stop at sales letters though, think of all the possibilities with video, you can use it to promote just about anything!

Well Peter was fed up with the complicated process and large costs of creating such videos and decided to change the way anyone can create videos that SELL and ENGAGE. And that’s why he’s developed the most incredible software that I can honestly say will blow you away!

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The software is so incredibly easy to use and navigate it’s probably the world’s easiest video creation tool to use. Everything is there for you to create unique and powerful videos on just about any product or service and for any business!

Here’s a quick overview of what it does

  • Creates easy and powerful sales videos
  • Makes those character explainer videos that cost THOUSANDS
  • Beautiful photo slideshows
  • Easy presentation style videos, faster then using Powerpoint
  • Creates videos in full HD,  exports them in record time!
  • It saves your precious time! The learning curve is just minutes!
  • Over 200+ Animated Scenes and Slides to use with the software
  • Music, beautiful backgrounds, photos and even more stuff
  • and much more…

video maker fx software

Really, this is something every marketer needs in their arsenal, because it’s such a huge value and time saver for your video production needs. Videos place you as an authority, you need to be the authority in your market to truly succeed! So if you’re serious about profiting from your videos and making your business or product stand out, you need to get this!

p.s This is available now for an amazing price, even a single animated video template that you have to edit on your own cost more!

A Great Bonus For You

If you purchase through the above link you will get the following bonus at no cost:

All you need to do is send an email using the following form where you will need to enter your Order ID and I will send you the bonus listed below.

Bonus-videomarketAwesome Video Marketing Graphics Pack

Incredible collection of powerpoint templates, logo stings, backgrounds, video player skins, watch this video signs and thumbnails. Essential to VideoMakerFX!

Power of Pinning Review :: How You Can Grow Your Brand

By Robby Ramos
Power of Pinning ReviewI get asked a lot of questions about Pinterest and the most asked question is ‘Can you really get more traffic from Pinterest?‘ My Power of Pinning Review will show you how Melanie Duncan can help you build your brand and get more visitors and potential customers from Pinterest.

=> You can have a look at Power of Pinning here.

First off, I would like to say that this is NOT a made up review for the sake of it. I use Pinterest for my business and when Melanie Duncan release Power of Pinning, I got on board and I am currently using this myself with very good results.

I am going to break down what you are going to get with this program and how it will benefit you no matter what business you have or niche that you are in. I would like to start off by talking about Melanie Duncan and who she is.

About Melanie DuncanMelanie Duncan is a Pinterest Marketing Expert and the owner of Entrepreneuress Academy, Empowering Women to Start a Successful Business Online. She is not one of those big time marketers by any means, but has grown steadily and has learned a tremendous amount through trial and error.

Seeing Pinterest as a huge opportunity to grow her business, Melanie is now sharing all her knowledge on how to use Pinterest effectively to grow your brand and to get more visitors converting them to potential clients.

What is Power of Pinning?

Power of Pinning is a Comprehensive Training Course on Mastering Pinterest for Your Business that will help you or your business drive massive traffic to your website and offers. It will help you provide a platform to establish your credibility and build relationships with your clientele.

What Do you Get With Power of Pinning?

Power of Pinning is broken up into  7 modules and Melanie has added 3 bonus features to this as well.

  • Module 1 – Pinterest 101
  • Module 2 – Why Your Business Should be on Pinterest
  • Module 3 – How To Create Powerful Pins
  • Module 4 – Case Studies
  • Module 5 – All About Branding
  • Module 6 – How To Get Followers Fast
  • Module 7 – Measuring Results
  • Bonus 1 – Personal Invite To Pinterest
  • Bonus 2 – Lifetime Updates
  • Bonus 3 – Printouts and Worksheets

Avoid the number mistake people make that costs them thousands of visitors. I am currently using Power of Pinning for my own business and offer this as a service to my clients. They are astonished with the amount of traffic that they are receiving from Pinterest alone. We are using Pinterest to increase our Facebook following which has been very effective even eliminating the use of Facebook paid ads.

I highly recommend Melanie Duncan’s Power of Pinning and you should get on board and start using Pinterest to grow your online presences. Power of Pinning is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Power of Pinning Training Course


Facebook Ads Insider Review – Learn How to Get The Most Out of Facebook

By Robby Ramos
Facebook-Ads-Insider-ReviewHi and welcome to Real Working Profits. I would like to kick start my IM blog with one of the most popular websites on the internet today that is used by over 500 million users. That is Facebook.

=> Have a look at FB Ads Insider here

What I would like to talk about today is Facebook Advertising and is it really worth trying to boost your online business using this popular social medium. My FB Ads Insider Review will cover all you need to know about Facebook Advertising and why Amy Porterfield is the top person transforming many online businesses fortunes.

Many have promised that you can get super low cost-per-clicks using Facebook advertising and that you can grow your following or increase your ROI with this form of advertising. To the seasoned Facebook advertiser, this is a walk in the park and unless you truly know the ins and outs of setting up a successful Facebook campaign, yes it should be a piece of cake.

BUT, these so called Pros do not give away their tips and secrets very easily and although setting up a campaign is pretty much straight forward, understanding all the metrics for a super targeted campaign is not as easy as they say.

Amy Porterfield is genius in Facebook Advertising and after many years of testing, Amy has this social medium down to a tee. Amy Porterfield knows all the metrics to pull in new followers, which kind of ads to use within Facebook to grow your followers and which will convert this followers into actual clients. Yes, Facebook is not just about Friends, Likes and the Latest Status updates, it can actually increase your online business and give you a greater return on investment.

An interesting snippet from the NY Times following their Stock

“SAN FRANCISCO — In the race for digital advertising dollars, Google has been the clear winner, with its ability to customize advertisements based on what you search for. But Facebook, which customizes ads based on who you and your friends are, hopes to be a contender. An important test of how it is doing will come on Thursday, when it releases its first earnings numbers since going public.”

Even though there has been turmoil regarding their stocks going public, under the guidance of Amy Porterfield, you will be able to better understand Facebook advertising and how to boost your Facebook efforts. There are so many ways to target your clientele by following Amy and her professional training.

If you have tried using Facebook for advertising and never got anything in return, this will change all that. You will see FB Ads in a new light because you will better understand how it can actually work for you.

=> Start maximizing your following and gain the Facebook Advantage!